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Product Group Product Name
Others Digital Transformation
Others Automotive Software
Others Hydraulic pumps for loading devices
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Electrified Vehicle Battery Control ECU
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Vehicle Control Unit
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Converter / Inverter
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems On-board Charger
Electronics  ABS ECU
Electronics Angle Sensors
Electronics  Adaptive Front-lighting System ECU 
Electronics  Active Engine Mount ECU
Electronics Transmission and Receiver Unit
Electronics Transmission and Receiver Unit CAN Bus
Electronics  Vehicle Stability Control ECU
Electronics Pressure Sensors
Electronics Printed circuid boards
Electronics  Pre-crash Seat Belt ECU
Electronics ECU
Electronics İnclination Sensors
Electronics  Power Tailgate / Trunk ECU
Electronics  Power Sliding Door ECU
Electronics  Power Seat ECU
Electronics  Electric Parking Brake ECU
Electronics Remote Keyless Entry
Electronics Electronic Control Boards
Electronics Electronic Control Boards
Electronics  Electronically Controlled Suspension ECU
Electronics Electronic Switch
Electronics  Headlamp Levelling ECU
Electronics  Advanced Driver Assistance ECU
Electronics Speed Sensors
Electronics I/O Boards
Electronics I/O Boards with Canbus
Electronics Acceleration Sensors
Electronics  Head Lamp ECU
Electronics  Door ECU
Electronics  Air Conditioner ECU
Electronics Control Boards Canbus
Electronics Load Sensors
Electronics Lambda (Oxygen) Sensors
Electronics Milliwave and Laser Radar / LiDAR
Electronics  Tire Pressure Monitoring System
Electronics Linear Position Sensors
Electronics  Clearance Sonar ECU
Electronics  Engine Control Unit
Electronics  Object Detection ECU
Electronics Relays
Electronics Sensors / Ecu's
Electronics  Power Steering ECU
Electronics Temprerature Sensors
Electronics Level Sensors
Electronics Start/Stop System ECU
Electronics  Transmission ECU
Electronics Torque Sensors
Electronics Keypad CAN Bus
Electronics  Occupant Detection System
Engineering Design and Development / Engineering Services
Engineering Product Development Services
Chassis Steering gear housings
Chassis Steering Gear
Chassis Hydraulic pumps

Quality Certificates

Document Name Receipt Date Validity Date Institution from which the document was obtained
ISO 9001 30.04.2018 29.04.2019 IQR
ISO 9001 22.08.2022 21.08.2023 NOBOCERT

Fields of Activity

Automotive Software
Automotive Software