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Product Group Product Name
Powertrain Clutch pressure plates
Powertrain Clutch Cover
Powertrain Clutch control cylinders
Powertrain Clutch parts
Powertrain Differential locks and brakes
Powertrain Differential parts
Powertrain Acceleration Pedals
Powertrain Transmission parts
Powertrain Pedal mechanism
Powertrain Transmission cases
Powertrain Gear box parts
Powertrain Transmissions and gear boxes
Body (Exterior) Tailgate
Body (Exterior) Various water resistant boxes
Body (Exterior) Trim grilles
Body (Exterior) Hinges
Body (Exterior) FEM Carrier
Body (Exterior) Fender and wings
Others Manufacture Vehicle Superstructures
Others Home Type Radiator
Others Pick-up truck accesories
Others Conventional, Progressive and Transfer Stamping Di
Others Machine Parts
Others Sheet Metal Tool
Others Wire forming
Others Trailers
Others Hydraulic equipment for loading devices
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Traction Motor / E-Axle
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Electrified Vehicle Battery Case
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Electrified Vehicle Battery Cooling Plates
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Electrified Vehicle Battery Cooling/Heating System
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Electrified Vehicle Battery Related Products
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Vehicle Control Unit
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Electrified Vehicle Motor Core
Electronics Ignitions Modules
Electronics Electronic Accelerator Pedals
Body Structure Pressed drawn and stamped parts
Body Structure Hood
Body Structure Stamped Parts
Body Structure Sheet metal body parts
Body Structure Sheet metal moldings
Body Structure Vehicle frames
Body Structure Cross boxes
Raw Materials Alloy steels
Raw Materials Coated Flat rolled steel products
Raw Materials Grinded Bars ( Steel Bars )
Interior Rear seat backrests
Interior Trunk lockers
Interior Roofliners
Interior Seat belts
Interior Air conditioners and spares
Interior Air Conditioning Systems
Interior Heating Systems
Interior Door panels
Interior Clamps
Interior Air Conditioning Systems
Interior Seat upholstery
Interior Seat tracks
Interior Seats
Interior Chrome - plated parts
Interior Chrome - plated trim parts
Interior Rivets
Interior Roof ventilation systems
Interior Trim parts
Engines Cast aluminium and cast steel parts
Engines Engine parts
Engines Silentblock
Engines Engine Bearings
Engines Cylinder head covers
Engines Cylinders and cylinder blocks
Engineering Design and Development / Engineering Services
Engineering Product Development Services
Chassis Battery Cooling Plates
Chassis Tubes
Chassis Impact absorbers
Chassis Axle parts
Chassis Cast suspension parts
Chassis Forged suspension parts
Chassis Exhaust tubes
Chassis Exhaust mufflers
Chassis Exhaust muffler suspension parts
Chassis Exhaust system parts
Chassis Exhaust systems
Chassis Brake Parts
Chassis Brake systems
Chassis Metal sections
Chassis Automotive and Industrial Fittings
Chassis Frame parts

Quality Certificates

Document Name Receipt Date Validity Date Institution from which the document was obtained
IATF 16949 01.11.2016 26.11.2021 URS
ISO 9001 20.01.2021 26.11.2021 URS

Fields of Activity

Iron and Steel
Mold Manufacturing
Sheet Metal Forming