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Product Group Product Name
Powertrain Clutch parts
Powertrain Differential parts
Powertrain Transmission parts
Powertrain Gear box parts
Body (Exterior) Molded plastic parts
Body (Exterior) Plastic body parts
Others Bolt - 6.8. And 8.8. Quality
Others Conventional, Progressive and Transfer Stamping Di
Electronics Headlight Cages
Electronics Head lamp supports
Electronics Headlamps inserts
Electronics Head lamps
Electronics Starter parts
Body Structure Pressed drawn and stamped parts
Body Structure Stamped Parts
Body Structure Sheet metal body parts
Body Structure Hot Forming Parts
Interior Air conditioners and spares
Interior Air Conditioning Systems
Interior Chrome - plated parts
Interior Chrome - plated trim parts
Engines Cast aluminium and cast steel parts
Engines Casting
Engines Casting
Engines Forged parts
Engines Rubber - bonded metal parts
Engines Engine parts
Engines Engine Bearings
Engines Flywheel parts
Engines Fuel injection pump parts
Engineering Design and Development / Engineering Services
Chassis Tie rod
Chassis Shock absorbers
Chassis Impact absorbers
Chassis Axle parts
Chassis Axle drive shafts
Chassis Steering dampers
Chassis Grease nipples
Chassis Steering column
Chassis Steering linkages
Chassis Steering gear housings
Chassis Steering Gear
Chassis Steering shafts
Chassis Cast suspension parts
Chassis Forged suspension parts
Chassis Hand brakes
Chassis Hand tools
Chassis Brake power limiters
Chassis Brake lines
Chassis Brake Drums
Chassis Brake Parts
Chassis Anti block devices
Chassis Hydraulic Valves
Chassis Cabin Assemblies
Chassis Molded rubber parts
Chassis Automotive and Industrial Fittings
Chassis Frame parts

Quality Certificates

Document Name Receipt Date Validity Date Institution from which the document was obtained
IATF 16949 09.04.2012 09.04.2012 MEYER

Fields of Activity

Aluminum Casting
R&D, Design, Engineering
High Pressure Injection Molding