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Product Group Product Name
Others Pick-up truck accesories
Others Automotive Software
Others Trailers
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Electrified Vehicle Battery Control ECU
Electric Vehicle and Battery Systems Converter / Inverter
Electronics Hazard warning flashers
Electronics Alternator regulators
Electronics Back up lamps
Electronics Rear lamps
Electronics Rear fog lamps
Electronics Printed circuid boards
Electronics Wiper motors
Electronics Interior lights
Electronics Touch Control Displays
Electronics ECU
Electronics  Power Sliding Door ECU
Electronics  Power Seat ECU
Electronics Electronic Buttons and Keypads
Electronics Electronic Displays
Electronics Electronic Control Boards
Electronics Headlight Cages
Electronics Head light flashers
Electronics Head lamp supports
Electronics Headlamps inserts
Electronics  Headlamp Levelling ECU
Electronics Head lamps
Electronics Plug and socket connectors
Electronics Flasher units
Electronics Flashers
Electronics Indicating instruments and gauges
Electronics I/O Boards with Canbus
Electronics Additional Haedlamps
Electronics Wiring harnesses
Electronics Capacitive Touch Sensors
Electronics  Door ECU
Electronics  Air Conditioner ECU
Electronics Control Boards Canbus
Electronics Horns
Electronics Automotive lights and lamps
Electronics Parking lamps
Electronics Regulators
Electronics Relays
Electronics Sensors / Ecu's
Electronics Temprerature Sensors
Electronics Level Sensors
Electronics Fuse boxes
Electronics Fuses
Electronics Direction indicator lights
Electronics Fog lamps
Electronics Stop light switches
Electronics Terminals
Electronics Voltage regulators
Electronics Side markers
Interior Air conditioners and spares
Interior Blowers
Interior Door panels
Interior Reflex reflectors
Interior Head Liner
Engines Glow Plugs
Engineering Environmental and Mechanical Testing Services
Engineering Measurement Services
Engineering Design and Development / Engineering Services

Quality Certificates

Document Name Receipt Date Validity Date Institution from which the document was obtained
ISO 9001 11.11.2020 10.06.2023 TUV NORD
IATF 16949 26.12.2020 25.06.2021 TUV NORD

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