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Product Group Product Name
Powertrain Clutch linings
Powertrain Clutch pressure plates
Powertrain Clutch discs
Powertrain Clutch parts
Powertrain Differential parts
Powertrain Transmission parts
Powertrain Gear box parts
Body (Exterior) Mirrors
Body (Exterior) Exterior Trim Parts
Body (Exterior) Molded plastic parts
Body (Exterior) Locks
Body (Exterior) Plastic body parts
Body (Exterior) Fender and wings
Others Sheet Metal Tool
Others Technical Rubber Parts
Electronics Pressure Sensors
Electronics Headlamps inserts
Electronics Head lamps
Electronics Sensors / Ecu's
Body Structure Composite Plastic Body
Body Structure Bumper
Raw Materials Bearing Bushes
Engines Yokes
Engines Casting
Engines Forged parts
Engines Fan and ventilators
Engines Air filters
Engines Hoses
Engines Crankshafts
Engines Engine parts
Engines Silentblock
Engines Engine Bearings
Engines Pistons
Engines Piston ring carriers
Engines Piston Rings
Engines Radiator Cap
Engines Bearings
Engines Seal and gasket sets
Engines Seal and gaskets
Engines Cylinder liners
Engines Nuts
Engines Deep groove single ball bearings
Engines V- belts
Engines Oil filters
Engines Oil Seals
Engines Fuel injection pump parts
Engines Fuel filters
Engineering Analysis-Simulation Services
Engineering Measurement Services
Engineering Design and Development / Engineering Services
Engineering Test & Measurement Systems Production
Engineering Product Development Services
Chassis Shock absorbers
Chassis Ball and socket joints
Chassis Fork joints
Chassis Axle parts
Chassis Steering dampers
Chassis Steering Gear
Chassis Steering cylinder
Chassis Steering shafts
Chassis Disk brake pads
Chassis Exhaust tubes
Chassis Exhaust muffler suspension parts ( Rubber parts )
Chassis Exhaust system parts
Chassis Exhaust systems
Chassis Brake linings
Chassis Brake disks
Chassis Disk brake calipers
Chassis Brake Drums
Chassis Brake shoes
Chassis Brake Parts
Chassis Brake systems
Chassis Air Spring and Suspension Systems
Chassis Molded rubber parts
Chassis Axle Oil Box
Chassis Rod assy
Chassis Suspension Arms
Chassis Stabilizer bars
Chassis Suspension elements
Chassis Suspension strut cartridge
Chassis Wheel hubs
Chassis Fuel senders
Chassis Fuel tanks

Quality Certificates

Document Name Receipt Date Validity Date Institution from which the document was obtained
ISO 9001 27.10.2017 12.10.2023 URS
Q1 10.12.2018 01.01.0001 FORD OTOSAN
ISO 28001 20.09.2020 19.09.2023 URS
IATF 16949 13.10.2020 12.10.2023 URS
ISO 27001 20.02.2021 19.02.2024 URS
ISO 45001 21.11.2021 20.11.2024 URS

Fields of Activity

R&D, Design, Engineering
Steel Forging
Mold Manufacturing
Rubber Raw Material and Forming
Welding (Aluminum)
Welding (Metal)
Plastic Injection
Plastic Forming
Sheet Metal Forming
Surface Coating