Theme of IAEC'23: Green and Digital Future

Theme of IAEC'23: Green and Digital Future
23 November 2023, Thursday 11:34
The "International Automotive Engineering Conference - IAEC", where the new technologies and developments in the field of automotive engineering were put under the spotlight, was held with the theme of Green and Digital Future.

IAEC 2023, which was held for the eighth time this year, was attended by local and foreign sector representatives who are experts in their fields, as well as executives of the world's leading companies. Speaking at the opening of the conference, Conference Chair and Galatasaray University Faculty Member Prof. Dr. Tankut Acarman said, “The software and hardware of today's vehicles are distributed embedded systems, both in terms of driving and advanced driving support systems, including autonomous driving, must be reliable. It is aimed that the products are environmentally friendly, environmentally friendly in terms of reducing or even zeroing out emissions, and are subject to eco-efficient processes that aim at recycling in order to reduce the ecological impact of the same amount of output during the production.
In line with the European Union Green Deal initiative, it is aimed for almost all cars, vans, buses and trucks to be zero-emission by 2050. More recently, at least 30 million zero-emission vehicles will be on European roads by 2030. Autonomous driving will also become widespread on a large scale.
These goals are also followed in Turkey. One in every 5 vehicles sold in October 2023 was an electric vehicle. "Digitalization will play an important role in ensuring more energy efficient, safer and faster transportation," he said. During the 2-day conference, 6 different sessions were held and 24 speakers, 6 moderators were hosted.