II. Supply Chain Conference of TAYSAD was held.

II. Supply Chain Conference of TAYSAD was held.
19 June 2023, Monday 13:35
The Goal is to Move the Turkish Automotive Industry Among the Top 10 Countries in the World!

If We Want to Reduce Carbon Emissions as a Sector, We Need to Increase the Female Footprint!

TAYSAD Automotive Suppliers Association of Türkiye, continues its exemplary studies for the sector in which new practices and regulations as well as the change in the sector are discussed.
TAYSAD, the sole representative of the Turkish automotive supply industry, discussed the problems of the sector with the Supply Chain Conference, which it held for the second time this year. A large number of sector professionals shared their experiences and predictions at the event organized with the theme of sustainability.  Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül, Member of the Board of Directors of TAYSAD, who stated that TAYSAD acts with the vision of carrying the Turkish automotive industry to the top 10 in the global automotive industry, said, “Our current position is in the 13th rank. As of last year, 85.4 million vehicles were produced in the world automotive market. 1.4 million of this was produced by the Turkish automotive industry. Our goal is to make it into the top 10. When we took office as the Board of Directors in 2021, our president shared his smart, environmentalist and sustainable motto with us. We are moving in line with this motto in our activities together.”

Tülay Hacıoğlu Şengül, stating that the environmental crisis lies at the heart of the concept of sustainability, said, “There are issues that we all have to do, especially business world representatives, NGOs, institutions and of course, all of us, by taking responsibilities together. The problem is unfortunately too big for us to solve alone. Undoubtedly, the issue of sustainability is not just an issue that needs to be addressed with its environmental dimension. In addition, there are also social and economical factors. At the beginning of this, it needs to be dragged with good leadership. I do not see leadership only in the top management. Everyone is the leader of their own process. As professionals and representatives of the automotive industry, we must naturally act to do our part in the transformation journey.”

We must find new ways to export!

Chairman of TAYSAD Board of Directors Albert Saydam also addressed the participants. Emphasizing that the words innovation and sustainability are used dozens of times in annual reports, perhaps in a paragraph or in a whole section, Albert Saydam said that “But we do not question what we are doing. The first criterion in 2025, 2030 will be how much greenhouse gas you emit. We're getting signals of that. One of the current topics at our conference will be sustainable logistics. We definitely and definitely need to find a way to deliver our products abroad, especially to the European Union, where we export more than 60 percent, in a more sustainable way, excluding highways. Albert Saydam, who said that electric vehicles are currently at the forefront as a trend, continued as follows: “Until this time, fossil fuel vehicles have contributed negatively to pollution for 15 to 20 years, while electric vehicles are believed to be the solution. Let me be clear, no. We also need to allocate resources to alternative environmentalist vehicles. Please let's not chase a single possibility after trends. I would like to underline that we, as TAYSAD, should lead this. We definitely need to allocate resources to other solutions. Another issue is “We need to focus more on consuming less and reusing. We need to produce such projects so that we can really contribute to sustainability. After all, sustainability is universal, and law is also universal. I think that without the legal infrastructure that sustainability is universal above everything else in the world, someone will always make an unfair advantage. We need to get ahead of this too. We need to say this louder. This has to be one of TAYSAD's missions."
If the female footprint increases, carbon emissions decrease!

 One of the important names of the event, Mazars Denge CEO and Corporate Sustainability Ambassador Dr. Izel Levi Coşkun said, “The business world is in a continuous growth. The boundaries of the world are clear. But we are always after unlimited growth within a limited system.” Pointing out that the CEOs of the world's largest companies are predominantly men, Izel Levi Çoşkun said, "Therefore, there is an inequality here. I always say that if we want to reduce carbon emissions, we need to increase the female footprint. In other words, we need to start working in a new way by putting aside our perspective, mentality and some rules we are used to for sustainability.”

Sustainable logistics was discussed!
Other speakers of the 2nd Supply Chain Conference organized by TAYSAD include Ford Otosan Digital Products and Services Leader Hayriye Karadeniz, Semtrio Founding Partner Bekir Çetin, Kurt & Partners Co-founder Özlem Kurt, TOFAŞ Supply Chain Development Manager Murat Cesur, Bosch Indirect Procurement Manager Esat Öncü and Ministry of Commerce Export General Directorate, SME and Clustering Supports Department Head Pınar Aslan. In the event, TOFAŞ took its place with the main industry application example and Bosch with the supply chain application example. The last event of the conference was the panel called “Sustainable Logistics”. Moderated by PwC Partner Supply Chain Services Leader Dr. İsmail Karakış; LODER Vice President Prof. Dr. Mehmet Tanyaş, Sarp Intermodal CEO Onur Talay, Sezai Kaya Consulting Co-Founder and General Manager Sezai Kaya and TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Mahmut Demirayak, Deputy Freight Service Manager, also took part as a panelist.