KANEKA Technology Day

KANEKA Technology Day
09 Kasım 2015, Pazartesi 01:25
Introduction of innovative Kaneka technologies for automotive industry at Technology Day

On November 3, 2015, Association of Automotive Parts & Components Manufactures (TAYSAD) hosted the Kaneka Technology Day at the TOSB Conference Hall. More than 100 experts from Turkish automotive and supply industry companies participated in the technology event.

TAYSAD Member of the Board, Mr. Sekib Avdagic, emphasized the importance of new technologies and trends for the automotive industry.

During his welcome speech, Kaneka Executive Officer, Dr. Sumi expressed his sincere thanks and appreciation to Taysad for allowing Kaneka to showcase its unique technologies for automotive business fields. As an R&D driving company, Kaneka strongly believes in becoming a trustworthy solutions provider.  With innovative technologies in place, Kaneka is well-positioned, and looking forward to creating partnerships with Turkish automotive business partners.

For automotive, KANEKA’s industry-relevant selection of materials supports applications across various automotive segments, including weight reduction, thermal solutions and comfort, exteriors, interiors, lighting, as well as safety and ecology.

The company, with a 65-year legacy of innovation and proven performance serving the chemical and automotive industry, introduced the following range of innovative applications:

Weight Reduction

An excellent example in the field of weight reduction are KANEKA’s lightweight expanded polypropylene-based particle foams that are available in various densities for shape molding.  Due to its high load characteristics, chemical resistance and strength, the expanded lightweight polypropylene foam is widely used in the automotive industry. Its outstanding cushioning and energy absorption properties offer excellent solutions in the field of safety, protection and vehicle weight reduction. Typical car applications are bumper cores, tool boxes, sun visors, headrests, dashboard and seat components, side impacts, door panels, trunk spacers,…

The range of weight-saving solutions also includes PP-Injection Foaming Modifier, which enables highly expanded injection-molded products.

KANEKA’s engineering plastics designed for injection molding, combine PC, PET, fillers and other additives, offering high heat resistance, high melt-flow, high rigidity and low CTE. Being suitable for metal replacements, the material contributes to a drastic vehicle-weight reduction.

The morning session of the technology day ended with a lecture on KANEKA’s Toughener for Thermosets. A pre-mixture of core-shell rubber (CSR) and thermoset resins improves properties of automotive structural adhesives and composites parts, which are the key parts for weight reduction without sacrificing other properties.

Thermal Solutions and Comfort

The afternoon session was kicked off with a presentation of KANEKA’s Thermal Solutions for Car Electronics. The showpiece within thermal material solutions is the thermo-conductive material (PET) for injection molding. This engineering plastic is specially designed for injection molding with high thermal conductivity. It is a suitable alternative for aluminum parts. Its remarkable adhesion enables combination with metal parts.

Quickly dissipating heat from a heat source and decreasing its temperature is made possible by KANEKA’s Graphite Sheet.

When it comes to innovating the landscape of car interiors, KANEKA-TATSUTA showcased the next generation interior car appearance with the introduction of its 3D and Inner Emboss Decoration Sheets and Multi Transfer Sheets.

KANEKA’s ever-expanding solutions offering to the automotive industry was also illustrated through a showcase of the following unique materials for the future:

•    Modacrylic Fiber, an inherently self-extinguishing FR fiber that imparts excellent flame retardancy to fabrics and synthetic fibers.

•    ZERO-Birefringence Acrylic Compound offering design flexibility and processability to be applied in LCD meter covers, car navigation system front panels, head-up display projection lenses.

•    The unique sense of touch Functional Flexible Foams to be used for pressure redistribution - the material solution for better seating comfort.

“In our continuous effort to develop new technologies we must always follow our five senses–sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. This technology day was the first step towards a productive future with the Turkish automotive and supply industry companies”, says Mr. Kimura, Executive Officer of Kaneka Corporation and President of Kaneka Belgium NV. Furthermore, he emphasized that with the recent establishment of the Kaneka Europe Holding Company in Belgium, he expects to accelerate business expansion and to achieve dynamic growth in Turkey.

About Kaneka Corporation

Kaneka Corporation was established in 1949. It is a leading technology-driven chemical company, headquartered in Osaka and Tokyo, Japan. Kaneka provides diversified products, globally supported by a worldwide manufacturing and marketing organization. Its business activities span a broad spectrum of markets, ranging from chemicals, food products and life science to electrical materials. Kaneka Corporation has overseas subsidiaries in Belgium, the United States, Singapore, Malaysia, China, India, Australia, Vietnam, Taiwan, Korea, Brazil, Germany and Indonesia. Worldwide, including consolidated subsidiaries, Kaneka employs 8.500 people. Further information on KANEKA CORPORATION is available on the Internet at www.kaneka.co.jp

About Kaneka Belgium NV

Founded in 1970, Kaneka Belgium NV, Westerlo, was the first overseas subsidiary of the chemical company Kaneka Corporation. Traditionally Kaneka Belgium has been active in the field of high performance MBS and acrylic polymers, liquid polymers and light weight expandable plastics. By embracing research and science, its innovative and safe technologies benefit many aspects of people’s daily lives and contribute to a better ecosystem. Further information on KANEKA BELGIUM NV is available on the Internet at www.kaneka.be.